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A Letter from Chase & Aspen

Hello! We adopted our daughter in 2019 and we are excited to expand our family through adoption again! As a family, we enjoy exploring the outdoors, traveling to warm places, snuggling up for a movie, and ending the day with a good book. We hope getting to know us brings you peace in your journey. It would be an honor to get to know you as well!

About Us

We’ve had a strong, loving relationship since high school. We quickly became best friends, and as the years went by we realized we never wanted to leave each other’s side. We’ve now been married for 5 years. Since we cannot biologically conceive, adoption has always been a part of our plan to grow our family.

Together we enjoy:
• Family game nights
• Vacations to warm places (to escape the cold Iowa winters)
• Biking, golfing, and summers at the lake

About Aspen

I enjoy my job as a project manager because I get to organize and work with others. My friends call me “the planner” of the group. On the weekends I love to garden in my flower beds and go on family walks.

What Chase loves about Aspen: I love that Aspen is compassionate and caring. She likes to volunteer at the animal shelter and prepare meals at the soup kitchen. She always puts others first, and she has a natural instinct as a mother.

About Chase

I get to work with a variety of people as a freight operations supervisor. I enjoy leading my team and supporting them wherever I can. When I’m not at work I like to fish at the lake, go on bike rides, and play golf or a game of pool.

What Aspen loves about Chase: Chase is outgoing, personable, and has a huge heart! I love watching him teach and support our daughter as she learns and explores new things. He’s a great father!

Our Family

Meet Charleigh: Charleigh is a bubbly and happy girl! We adopted her as a newborn and have an open adoption with her birth family. We speak openly about her adoption every day. Charleigh is very adventurous and loves to explore and people-watch. Her favorite things to do are paint and swim.

Family Favorites:
• Playing in our back yard or inside in our toy room
• Family breakfast with blueberry pancakes
• Disney movies — our favorites are Aladdin, Moana, and Maleficent

Our Loved Ones

We have a huge extended family. Between both of us, we have 22 aunts and uncles and 42 first cousins! Many of our cousins also have children. The majority of Aspen’s family is within 15 minutes of us, and most of Chase’s family is only 3 hours away, though he does have some close by too. We are very close to both sides of our family. We often travel to see family as well as host when they come into town.

Fun Fact: Chase’s grandfather and many of Aspen’s cousins were also adopted!

Traditions we look forward to:
• Celebrating holidays and birthdays together
• Baking cookies during the holidays
• Annual family reunions at the park

Our Home in Iowa

Our four-bedroom home is located in a neighborhood full of families with children. We love being close to parks and the local schools. We love movie nights in our home theater, visiting the zoo with friends, swimming at the lake with family, or rooting for our favorite team at a college football or basketball game.

Our Promise

Becoming parents through adoption has been an incredible gift for us. We’re ready and excited to add another child to our lives! We promise to:

• Raise your child with unconditional love and support while teaching him or her the value of respect and honesty.
• Provide a safe and loving environment where your child can thrive.
• Encourage your child to reach for their dreams and have fun doing so.
• Provide a great education and give your child the tools necessary to excel.
• Tell your child every day how much he or she is loved by you, us, and our family and friends.

To contact us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Chase & Aspen

  Chase Aspen
Our EducationSome CollegeBachelor's Degree in Marketing
Our ProfessionsFreight & Shipping LogisticsBanking
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Chase & Aspen's Favorites
FoodHawaiian PizzaSushi
Music90s PopCountry
Disney MovieAladdinMaleficent
AnimalRed PandaPenguin
Vacation ActivitySnorkelingExploring/Sight Seeing
More About Our Family
On a Saturday we love...

Mornings at the Farmer's Market!

Our Mid-Western Values

We believe in raising a child in a home that is welcoming to all and loving to everyone. We are patient parents, and we try to model compassion and kindness wherever we go. We care about life-long learning and education, going beyond more than just traditional schooling.

Fun Facts About Us

Aspen collects blue glass vases, and as a kid, Chase had a goat named Tinkerbell.

Our Pets

We are huge animal lovers and enjoy time with our dogs, Nike, Mazy, and Oakley! All All of our dogs are couch potatoes. Nike is a Dachshund and is super cuddly. Mazy is a Boxer mix and loves everyone she meets. Oakley is a Lab mix and is the most loyal dog you’ll ever meet. We also have two tropical fish tanks with fun colorful fish.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 1 year (12 months) old




Either boy or girl

In Closing

Thank you for learning more about us as you consider adoption for your baby! As parents we will teach our children to respect and accept others. You will always be a special part of our family's story, if you decide we are the right choice for your baby's future, and we will honor our commitment to you as adoptive parents. When you're ready, we'd love to talk and get to know you! Contact Lifetime to set up a call or message with us.

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